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Lawn Care Tips for Everyone Any Day of the Year


Taking care of your yard is a full-time job and some people will even turn down an otherwise perfect property if they think there’s too much green space to maintain.

But don’t let that discourage you. Use these lawn care tips from our friends at HGTV to care for your yard all year round without fail.

Spring Lawn Care

Spring lawn care

  • During spring, when temperatures start to rise and grass starts to grow, your grass will need some tender love and care. Be sure to give it more water and fertilizer.
  • Early spring is the best time to lay sod and sow seed since the risk of frost is lower—making the soil more pliable and workable. Spring is also the right time to sow seed because the soil is warmer and the frequent rain speeds up germination.
  • When you’re fertilizing your yard, make sure you choose a spring feed that contains nitrogen because it encourages strong growth.
  • If the previous months have been dry–water, water and water again.
  • Cut the grass once a week!
  • Using a spring-tined rake or a mechanical scarifier to remove dead grass, remember to scarify your lawn.
  • Allow air to circulate to the grass root and break up the compacted soil by using a pitchfork or aerator to spike the lawn.

Summer Lawn Care

Summer lawn care

  • Avoid scarifying or aerating your lawn during the summer when the grass is likely to be more stressed.
  • Fertilize again during the summer if your lawn needs it and only if rainfall is predicted. In hot or dry weather, fertilizer can stress out your yard. Liquid feeds, such as kelp tonics, can be applied instead of granular fertilizer.
  • Don’t mow your yard during extremely dry periods.
  • Remove damaging weeds, such as dandelions, by digging them out of the ground and removing the whole root system. Others, such as clovers, speedwell and daisies, usually need to be sprayed. But avoid spraying during periods of drought.

Fall Lawn Care

Fall lawn care

  • Once you’ve raked up those colorful bunches of leafs sprinkled all over your yard, shed them using a rotary mower and add them to your compost.
  • Did you know that too many leafs on the ground can prevent your lawn from getting enough light?
  • Use a fertilizer with potassium to encourage strong growth and bulk up your grass for the winter.
  • Since the soil will be warm, fall is a good time to lay sod and sow seed.
  • Use a spring-tined rake or a mechanical scarifier to pluck the thatch out of the lawn. Scarify in two directions, but go a little deeper into the ground the second time.

Winter Lawn Care

Winter lawn care

  • Since grass is dormant, there isn’t much to do when it’s likely covered under a heap of snow. However, you should avoid walking on it during frosty periods since this could leave black marks on the ground.
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